How to Use

How the element operates

When introducing the compressed air supply, the following sequences of events takes places:

The circular reinforced rubber bellows inflates and fills the gap between the mounting plate and the floor.

As the pressure increases, the mounting plate lifts off the floor.

When the pressure in the bellows is higher than the counterpressure of the load, the air flows out from the bellows forming a thin air film on which the load floats practically fraction-free.

Air supply
Normal shop air can be used. Custom-built air transfer systems are available.
Air supply to the transporter can be from either a hose reel or a fixed point.

The light weight of the air film transporters and the capability of the air bearing elements to spread the load over a large surface, stress the floor much less than conventional wheel transporters.

The air film system requires a smooth, continuous, sealed floor. Loads must be controlled on inclines. For frequent moves, the floor surface should be power floated concrete, polymer or epoxy resin. For occasional moves steel or vinyl sheets can be used.